Growing People

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. 
Eric Hoffer

When everyday feels like Armageddon.

Overwhelmed. A word we frequently hear. 
1. Personal mayhem (my dog just ate a box of chocolates! My partner isn’t connecting with me).
2. Professional fires (my boss needed it yesterday, work challenges that are confusing AF, 150 emails.)
3. Doomsday news headlines (climate, war, economy).
4. Everything changing at warp speed (generative AI anyone?)
5. Repeat. 
Engaging with the world is, to put it mildly, exhausting.

Humans matter.

Our passion for enabling others is born out of a genuine belief and faith in humans. We create digital experiences, immersions, journeys with one single-minded and dogged pursuit - to activate profound and lasting personal change in others.

We partner with businesses and organisational development consultancies to create experiences that radically shift mindsets. Our journeys enable people to make sense of the world, resource themselves, thrive and be purposeful. And - significantly - we create these journeys not just for the top brass, but for the whole organisation, with the intention to democratise learning and enable all.

What sets us apart

We are not an e-learning agency. By that we mean we don’t ‘translate’ existing courses into digital form. Rather, once we’ve pinpointed the change our clients are looking for in their people, we take it on from there. Born out of our process (look right) is the creation of a journey which has new practices, new thinking, new habits.

1. Diving under the surface.

Sometimes organisations come with preconceptions of an ideal output, but when we get under the surface, this often shifts, new ideas emerge and the playing field bursts wide open with possibilities. It’s about meaningful outcomes, not just outputs.

2. Research, research, research.

Imagine an unshowered PhD student coming up for air. That’s us after we’ve immersed ourselves deeply in the latest beliefs, research, practices in the field, absorbing everything we can on a subject at hand.

3. Design Thinking & Experimentation - the messy middle.

We deconstruct, question and experiment. Often we create new models and practices along the way. Embedded in this process is an understanding of how to make the learning stick (to engage hearts and minds) so that learners can embody the change.

4. Creation

We are Doers as well as Thinkers. We harness immersive technology to enable the learner to go deeper. Unsatisfied with some of the current technological solutions currently available, we remain undeterred, often custom coding the journey ourselves, until we’ve created a unique experience for the learner.

Our goal is to create lifelong meaningful change in people and everything we do is in service of this.

Challenges we’ve worked on


“I want to create a digital journey that enables thousands of people to discover their purpose. Can you design and develop this for us?"

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“Facilitation is a key skill of the future. Can you help us create a digital experience that enables people to facilitate e.g. a challenging conversation, a workshop, a brainstorm etc.?”

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“We have dozens of interviews. Can you help us dig deeper into the data and gather key insights to create a paper that helps organisations dismantle the existing biases and move forwards?”

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“The pandemic means we can't deliver our work face to face anymore. How can we quickly transition to digital without losing that emotional connection? Can you help transform our business and make that switch?"

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We’re not for:

The unadventurous

As curious cats, we have a hunger to question, to challenge inherited thinking and unearth the real problems and possibilities. This can take us down unexpected avenues, far from where we started. We are not afraid to experiment in order to create meaningful change. This is not for the faint hearted, and brands who aren’t open to experimenting or who are looking for a quick fix may need to look elsewhere.

The production line

We are passionate about what we do and every project is bespoke. We prefer to handpick projects where we can truly add value. We are a small team and we like to keep it that way. This way, we can partner directly with our clients. As a result, we are not set up for churn at scale, or bottom-dollar work.

Those wanting transactional vendors

We’re interested in truly collaborating with our clients and co-creating, which is why our partnerships have lasted years. Great ideas are born out of collective and diverse thinking. We collaborate with those looking for thought partners as opposed to those looking to delegate specific and nitty gritty tasks.

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