About Us

Creative minds, unconventional solutions.

Tell us about the team.

Anna and Gabriela, that’s the whole team.

We tell people we met whilst wrestling sharks in the Atlantic ocean. In reality we met when we were working on the same client project. We connected over our mutual love of learning new things, of reinventing….and of cats (naturally). We soon discovered that our combined strengths were greater than the sum of our parts.

Where are you based?

We work with clients across the globe. In literal terms, Gabriela is in Heidelberg, Anna is in London.

What’s your background?

Corporates, startups and everything in between. We've seen the whole spectrum. Before LeftField, we worked at Google, Publicis and a couple of fledgling startups, the kind where millennials dress from the '80s and think it’s cool.

You cover some pretty broad areas. How does that work?

It may seem that way but they have more in common than meets the eye. Marketing and digital learning both require you to empathise and connect deeply with people, whether they be customers or learners. You need to share stories in ways that stick - these stories need to move people if they're going to shift mindsets and behaviours.

We also don't believe in staying in one lane. Sometimes it takes a marketer to solve a learning problem or a trapeze artist to solve politics - okay that last one didn’t make much sense. But neither does politics.

We’d best describe ourselves as creative problem solvers. Our strength lies in mental acrobatics, looking at things from a new angle, revealing the unseen, creating unlikely collisions, identifying what’s needed and flexing accordingly. And our background in software engineering, marketing, business development, storytelling and product design lets us do that.

There’s just two of you. How do you scale?

It might seem counterintuitive but sometimes being smaller lets you go faster. Sometimes it just takes two, not a whole team of pastry chefs, sous chefs, jelly chefs … yada yada. Since we are multidisciplinary, we can cover the whole journey. We’ve also collected some trusted (and lovely) experts (animators, software engineers, ppc managers etc.) along the way with whom we collaborate and lean on when needed.

Our products are scalable (several of our learning journeys are supporting thousands of people), but in terms of our process, we prefer to handpick projects where there’s a natural fit and where we can add value.


We’re part strategy consulting, part research institute, part product design studio and part brand agency rolled into one.

Humans matter

All business problems are human problems and everything begins with empathy. We live and breathe your challenges and current reality, immersing ourselves and walking in your shoes. This is why our solutions are able to connect deeply, spark emotion and shift mindsets.

LeftField Cat

Assumptions are to be challenged

As curious cats, we have a hunger to question, deconstruct, challenge inherited thinking and unearth the real problems and possibilities. This can take us down unexpected avenues, far from where we started. We are not afraid to experiment and explore new pathways in order to create meaningful change.

LeftField Cat

We are thinkers and doers

There’s no point launching and not landing. The value of an idea lies in using it. We don’t give you a fancy 10-point plan and then skip away into the sunset. Instead, we go the distance, finding thoughtful solutions and then breathing life into them. We get as much joy from creating as we do from working on the strategy. We partner with you from idea to reality, until you see results and the desired change is embedded in your DNA.

LeftField Cat

We’ve trimmed the fat

We’re a small team and we like to keep it that way. This allows us to work side by side with our clients. You won’t be handed around like a hot potato from person to person, or be relegated to a junior team after the shiny A-team have won the pitch. We care deeply and this is ingrained in everything we do.

We wear many hats

We’ve accrued a combined 35 years of experience in a broad range of disciplines: design thinking, marketing, business development, digital learning and storytelling. This breadth of expertise enables us to wear many hats at any time and to look at a problem from unexpected angles. Which, in turn, leads to ‘aha’ moments and unconventional solutions.

LeftField Cat

It’s about partnering

We’re interested in truly collaborating with our clients and co-creating, which is why our partnerships have lasted years. For us, this involves going below the surface, challenging, opening a discussion wide enough for all opinions to be heard and for breakthroughs to emerge. Great ideas are born out of collective and diverse thinking. To make things happen, it’s essential to mobilise the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Chatter from Leftfield

Now we're talking

Keen to tackle your next challenge? Drop us a note, we're friendly we promise :)