Growing Businesses

Woods and coulds.

When B2B brands hit a stumbling block, it can feel impossible to see the woods for the trees. In those moments, we act as a fresh pair of eyes, enabling them to find their way through.

We’ve supported organisations (corporates, start ups and everything in between) on a raft of challenges ... product innovation, developing a new proposition, origin stories, digital transformation … you name it.

Ideas, baked.

We start by uncovering a brand’s future ambitions, pinpointing what’s needed to enable meaningful change. We help with idea generation, strategy and design. But we don’t give you a fancy 10-point-plan and then skip off into the sunset. The value of an idea lies in using it. We go the distance, finding thoughtful solutions, then breathing life into them. We partner with you from idea to reality, until you see results and the desired change is embedded in your DNA.

Your virtual ABC.

Our 35 years of combined experience in an unusual combination of disciplines means we wear many hats and look at a problem from unexpected angles. Which, in turn, leads to ‘aha’ moments and unconventional solutions. In effect, we act as your virtual Marketing Director/Head of Product/Chief Revenue Officer/Research & Development Scientist rolled into one.

We’ve trimmed the fat.

This is especially effective if you don’t want the risk of employing a team full-time, or don’t want to be trapped by an annual agency fee. As consultants, we can drop into your existing set up, identify what’s needed and flex accordingly. We’re a small team and we like to keep it that way. This means you’ll always work with us rather than be delegated to a junior team.

Challenges we’ve worked on


"I need help creating a unique product that stands out in a competitive market. Can you help me to develop it, test it and create a go-to-market strategy for it?”

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“I’m working on a new piece of research and I need a thought partner.”

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“I’ve just received Series B funding and have no idea what the next steps are. I’m building a plane in mid air. Help!”

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“Growth seems to have slowed and we just aren’t getting any new clients. Can you help us figure out why this is happening and whether there are any other ways we can get our product out there?”

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“I’m pitching for a large piece of business. Is my origin story and branding right? I need to clarify my value proposition so that I stand out from the crowd.”

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“I need to create a product/solution/business concept that is scalable as we've been relying too heavily on delivering work that is both time consuming and resource intensive. It isn't sustainable. Can you help?”

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“I need to create a marketing campaign that will cut through the noise and entertain and inspire. Can you help me with concepts for this?”

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“I want to grow my business. Do I have the right structure and talent in the organisation to make this happen?”

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“I need to go from a face to face service to an online service. I have no idea how to do that.”

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We’re not for:

The unadventurous

As curious cats, we have a hunger to question, to challenge inherited thinking and unearth the real problems and possibilities. This can take us down unexpected avenues, far from where we started. We are not afraid to experiment in order to create meaningful change. This is not for the faint hearted, and brands who aren’t open to experimenting or who are looking for a quick fix may need to look elsewhere.

The production line

We are passionate about what we do and every project is bespoke. We prefer to handpick projects where we can truly add value. We are a small team and we like to keep it that way. This way, we can partner directly with our clients. As a result, we are not set up for churn at scale, or bottom-dollar work.

Those wanting transactional vendors

We’re interested in truly collaborating with our clients and co-creating, which is why our partnerships have lasted years. Great ideas are born out of collective and diverse thinking. We collaborate with those looking for thought partners as opposed to those looking to delegate specific and nitty gritty tasks.

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