A Digital Transformation

Enabling our client to pivot from face-to-face to digital


The context

When the pandemic hit, many organisations had to quickly think on their feet. In some cases, this meant transforming and reinventing themselves and their practices. Organisational Development consultancies, who traditionally support clients (with leadership development, culture change etc.) and deliver transformational workshops and interventions face-to-face, were confronted with a challenge when the lockdown hit.

Where we fit in

We supported a global organisational development consultancy to transition into the space of digital learning. We created a pilot digital programme, transforming their content into an immersive self-led experience with the primary intention to truly shift the mindset of the learner. This included elements of self-reflection, gamification, micro-missions and learning through doing. The focus was on self-mastery, enabling the learner to gain a deeper understanding of how they could help themselves be at their best more of the time.

Unsatisfied with the current technology solutions available for content creation, we decided to code many of the elements ourselves, creating a custom-built experience. Every immersion we created was in service of creating a life-long change in the learner.

The response

A unique and deeply engaging pilot, which has now become a staple in our client’s programmes and has been rolled out to thousands of people across the globe. Furthermore, our client has now incorporated digital journeys across all their programmes and initiatives. The pilot catapulted our client into the future and pushed wide open an opportunity to both grow their business and help more people.

Now we're talking

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