A Personal Purpose Journey

How we unlocked purpose for thousands of people.


The context

We were given the daunting brief of creating a digital immersive journey that would enable thousands of people working in any organisation to self-discover their personal purpose, within the space of 90 minutes. Exploring one's personal purpose usually requires many weeks of dedicated coaching time with an expert. So the brief we were given - of a self-led short digital journey - was certainly challenging. But we were up for the challenge, especially since it had the potential to benefit thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people.

Where we fit in

Gifted with the license and freedom to experiment and explore (our client was very open), we absorbed all we could that was out there - the latest research, methodologies and practices. We read widely. On our journey, we noticed that out of the many books and practices that already existed, we couldn't find one that absolutely hit the mark, especially given the limitations of our brief. So we put our design thinking heads into gear and experimented, testing and refining, getting to the core of what was needed in order to discover one's purpose and to make a truly transformational shift.

We were intent on guiding the learner through a practical and inspiring journey (encouraging them to gather clues through a series of immersive experiments and practices), without being too prescriptive - after all, one's purpose is deeply personal and unique. To discover one's purpose, one has to 'feel' one's way through as opposed to 'think' one's way, trusting one's gut feeling. As a result, we relied on stimulating the senses, on visual mood boards, and on surfacing memories from the past.

We set practical guide rails as to what a purpose is, by myth busting and by sharing plenty of examples and stories. We walked them through a first draft purpose statement methodology (theming, drafting, reflecting) so that by the end of the journey, the learner had their very first draft purpose statement.

The journey was self-led but to us it was imperative that the learner felt embraced and supported along the way, as if there was a coach in the room with them who was able to dig deep enough to unearth a purpose that was authentic and true.

Born out of experimentation, we created new practices, designing a unique method that enables learners to discover and connect with their purpose.

The response

The journey is being rolled out to thousands participants across multiple organisations.

Now we're talking

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