Wooshii: Pivoting to a new audience

Creating a new solution from scratch that tripled revenue


The Context

"If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million."

Wooshii, a video production marketing place who connect thousands of video-makers with people who need a video, were predominantly serving a small to medium business audience. They were keen to expand their horizons and test out an offering to a much larger and untapped corporate world who were only starting to understand the power of video. This audience represented a significant potential in terms of the scale of projects. The biggest challenge at the time was that Wooshii was very much unknown to this audience. Other challenges included the fact that there was there was a very short window of time to prove the concept, as well as a very limited budget, and no additional resource (people support) from the team could be spared.

The solution

Conceived of and built a new proposition from scratch aimed at large corporate enterprises. Scrapped the existing marketing strategy (which had historically been used to attract small medium businesses) and designed a new marketing and business strategy in its place. Launched the programme on a shoe-string budget with no additional team resource. It was a long shot and a series of experiments were set in motion. The programme rapidly took off. Singlehandedly managed the sales cycle from finding, nurturing, closing and retaining global brands. With additional revenue streaming in, we were then able to grow and manage a team dedicated to supporting global brands with their video needs.

The outcome

// A three-fold increase in annual revenue. Enterprise was a hugely successful endeavour and became Wooshii's most profitable solution. They pivoted permanently to Enterprise.

// A brand new inhouse Enterprise team (covering sales, marketing and production).

// A value proposition with instant appeal to Fortune 500 brands, onboarding dozens of global brands including Merck, 3M, HP, ISG, Aer Lingus.

// The proposition that was significantly appealing to VC investors.

// A scalable lead generation programme (email marketing, PR, Digital) to find, nurture, convert and retain clients.

// Valuable long term partnerships (with Google, eConsultancy, to name a couple.)

Now we're talking

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