Servitize: Uncovering their story

Unexpected and delightful discoveries during a branding workshop. Why branding is so much more than a logo.


The context

Servitize is a startup supporting organisations who are transitioning to a servitization business model. When we met them, they were having trouble visually expressing the core values of their brand. The five founders all had different views of what the brand represented and they were holding fast to their respective opinions. What's more, their views on what branding was and could do for them was limited.

Where we fit in

We joined Servitize during their strategic two-day meeting. We took them through a rigorous yet playful brainstorming session designed to open their minds to the possibility of their brand and their story. Questions bubbled to the surface, such as what their brand sounded like, what it looked like if it was a person, how it acted, what made them stand out from their competition, what was their 'why,' if they were on the cover of a magazine in the future what would the headline be, who were they speaking to now and then etc. Only after this thorough investigation, did we distill the findings into a visual representation of their brand.

During this process they were faced with many questions they had never asked themselves as a group. The workshop pushed them to delve deeper; for example they uncovered an unexpected second target group they never realised they were selling to. Moreover, the workshop enabled them to hone their narrative and story, to uncover their unique competitive advantage, and to ultimately crystalise their purpose as an organisation. We facilitated the -sometimes challenging - conversation, guiding, mediating, provoking, and ensuring everyone was seen and heard. What started out as five founders with very different views of what the brand stood for, shifted into a cohesive vision and shared values.

The Outcome

In their own words, "the branding workshop acted as a key milestone which enabled us to become aligned on such an essential part of our story. The workshop was so much more than our initial understanding of 'branding.' It forced us to ask ourselves critical questions about our audience, our purpose, our value proposition which we absolutely needed to do." We distilled these findings into a mood board which helped to serve as a reminder of their story and visual representation, acting as a pillar for all future design decisions. It supported them with their journey ahead in terms of their product build, as well as marketing collateral.

Now we're talking

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